Wednesday, 16 September 2009

i have finally oved!

Well i have been AWOL for a few months! on the 23rd of June we moved!!! yay.

We finally stepped on to the property ladder and moved 52 miles from our previous home!! That's a bit scary... we have now settled so i decided to up date my blog!

Our new home is sooo close to fantastic walks, and beautiful views all of which will be my inspiration over the next few years I'm sure.

I did very well at my jewellery party (as noted in my last blog!) and I'm planning to hold my next one fairly soon.

I have been working on a few projects that seem to be taking over my life, but i can't seem to finish any of them. This is slightly due to the fact that we are also decorating our living to many things in one go is never a good idea!

So i will be adding some new pictures of my started projects and any others that take my fancy in a bit. The picture above was taken in my garden last week, I love the colours and this will definitely be a combination i use in my next piece of jewellery.

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