Monday, 1 March 2010

How lovely is this???

I am holding a jewellery party at one of the "Yummie Mummys" (my name for all the mums that became very good friends) I have missed them all so much since the move! It has been 8 months since the move, Which seems bizarre. I am extra excited to see them all. I set myself up at the kitchen table with some beading mags and looked for some inspiration and here is an adapted version of one in the magazine. It is slightly different as i didn't have the exact beads or chain size, but i am trying to be frugal. So I'm avoiding craft stores until i have used up some of my masses of beads!

I'm pleased with the outcome, the bracelet looks chunky on your wrist, but not OTT. It is a nice splash of colour in our grey winter, I cant wait to put it on my table at the jewellery party.

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