Sunday, 28 August 2011

Birthday Presents for my lovely Mummy in law.

This set is made with the new bead range in Hobbycraft, Jeanette pointed them out when we were there the other day "ooooh I like those"  so I bought them. I know she loves wooden beads to so I have incorporated them into the design too.

The handbag charm is one of my favourite things to make, they are quick (which I like because I get bored easily) but very versatile you can make them as elaborate as you like and they still look lovely.

But my creativity didn't stop with these. Faye showed me a link to make a slip cover for a note book. So I set about making one for Jeanette. It took a few attempts to perfect but it was well worth the extra effort as it looks fantastic. I'm not sure I want to give it away! Faye has a lovely selection of fabric for sale so I purchased some from her to make sure this slip cover. The fabric is African wax cotton. This one I liked as it is metallic. I used a pink ribbon to make the book mark and put a removable charm on for weight. The lovely thing about slip covers is that they can come off when the book is finished with.

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  1. Love my presents - Lots of people commented of the wood beads and the colour combo at Upton House. I'm taking my note book on hols with me, very handy for a krafty kow to jot ideas down on. Can't wait for crimbo!!!! Jeanette