Sunday, 7 August 2011

Three Blind Mice

Here is my latest project which combines Embroidery and Applique. Neither of which I have ever tried before! My Nan has always been fantastic at embroidery and for many years my Mums and all my Aunties and Uncles house's were filled with hand made embroidered gifts. Not something we see anymore as she now loves card craft!

Its for Evies bedroom. I saw the project in SEW magazine and there were other ideas to try. which I think I will do as this was a fast and enjoyable project. It would make a great gift for a new bundle.
Here are my new toys that I purchased from Ebay this week. All I need now is a giant cutting mat!! Then I can get on with everyone's crimbo presents!!


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  1. This is absolutely beautiful - no offence but the photos don't do it justice. You are clever. Jeanette